Testimonials - Naturopathic Care

Kaya's Story - Sleep, Anxiety, School


Our daughter started seeing Kamma this year. We had spent many years seeing neurologists, paediatricians and doctors to try and help our daughter. She experienced difficult side effects from the medication she was given.

Kaya had always had trouble sleeping as child and still, after 10 years had sleep problems. Kaya was worried, anxious and struggled with changes in her environment. She was also struggling at school academically and could not focus.

We were recommended Kamma from another patient of Kamma’s. As a doctor and a mother I was feeling especially frustrated.

Kamma had an excellent rapport with Kaya right from the start. She gave her responsibility in her own health. 

Treatment with Kamma has been so easy. 

By our second visit Kaya had improved significantly. She was calm, had started sleeping through the night for the first time in 10 years and her anxiety about school was starting to subside. Most significantly her teachers had commented how much better Kaya could focus at school. We have seen Kaya’s marks at school really improve And Kaya begin to flourish.

Kamma has changed Kaya’s life and our life so much for the better.”

Naturopathic Pregnancy Care for Ella



“I came to Kamma in Margaret River during the first month of my pregnancy with 

severe morning sickness. 

I could hardly keep any food down and was worried as I was starting to lose weight during pregnancy. 

Kamma has treated lots of pregnant women and children and knew what was happening. She referred for some blood tests straight away. She was very reassuring , being a mother herself, for a first time mother-to-be. 

Kamma had it all sorted out in no time. She was close by, and really well qualified, so I felt confident in her. The vomiting and nausea stopped straight away, I’m able to keep my folate supplement down and my pregnancy is going so much better. 

She really helped me understand the changes in my body and I can sleep well and 

feel so much more energetic.” 

Chronic Fatigue (CFS, ME) Success for Jack



I was in bad shape when I went to see Kamma. I’d been cycling competitively for 15 years and my joints were paying for it. 

I was also completely exhausted to the point where it was really getting in the way of my life. 

I'd been diagnosed with 

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, CFS (myalgic encephalitis, ME). 

Living overseas and then moving to Margaret River, I hadn't found anyone who could help, despite trying. 

Kamma was very thorough in her investigations. She clearly determined the cause of my fatigue was post viral through tests with the doctors. It was great to have an explanation. 

Kamma then started my treatment and combined treating my joint pain at the same time. 

I’d been unwell for 4 or more years and 

to have enough energy to play sport with my son (who is also coming to see Kamma) and work full time again is wonderful.

Period Pain Resolved for Toni


My period pain was severe. I'd had it for 6 years and hadn't been able to find a solution. I had tried everything.  I'd have to miss work every month. 

My flat mood around my period wasn't fun either.

Kamma resolved my period pain, I now have great energy, feel confident and have great skin.

Thanks Kamma xx"

Naturopathic Fertility Success for Haydn and Jo



“We had been trying to fall pregnant for several years with no success and were getting quite worried as we’re both not that old.  

We saw fertility doctors and specialists in Perth, and wished there was someone local and experienced in Margaret River that could help us with our fertility. 

I heard about Kamma through a friend, who had also seen Kamma. 

We booked in and it was great from the start. 

Kamma was experienced, reassuring, local and got going on things straight away. 

She referred us to the doctor for some medical tests and worked out what was happening with us right away. She explained it all to us. It was such a relief not to feel like we weren't fertile! 

Within months we were pregnant with our first child. 

We will be bringing our baby back to Kamma for care.”

Joint Health and Preventative Medicine for Rob


Rob and I are keen to keep doing everything we love. We've both always been quite active and would like to stay that way.

My hip and knee became painful and I couldn't go hiking anymore or do anything much. 

Rob had lower back pain and old injuries that were painful and stopping him from living life.

While we were with Kamma

we realised Kamma could  also help us with preventative medicine to stay healthy long term and avoid the diabetes, dementia and heart disease that our other family members have.

It was quick and simple.

Kamma made us a 

botanical medicine 

that has us active, 

fit and enjoying life. 

When we need a top up we just call or visit the shop and it's organised for us.